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    Just picked up the Motorola HF800 Bluetooth wireless portable speaker. I'm reasonably happy with it except for one major issue.

    The manual states that "When ... not connected to the phone for 5 minutes it will turn off to conserve battery power. Press the volume button to turn on the Portable Speaker."

    What this in effect means is that there is no way to answer any incoming calls with the unit unless it has been used in the last 5 minutes. If it hasn't been used in the last 5 minutes, it's off. My phone rings, I reach for the HF800 to turn it on, it takes a moment to turn on, and then takes another 4-5 rings before it picks up the call coming from the phone. By this point the call has gone to voicemail.

    Does anyone know if there's a way of fixing this? Is this "feature"/bug going to be present in all other bluetooth car kits that are not installed and/or plugged in to power (ie they run on batteries, so need to be very conservative in the ways that they conserve power)? Can anyone tell me if this is an issue with the supertooth/supertalk? If it's better with the supertooth, and this isn't solveable in the HF800, I'll return it and get the supertooth.

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    I just called motorola on this and they said it should NOT turn off but mine is also, i'm going to exchange it for another one. Did you ever get yours to work.
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    When using this with my Motorola Razr, it's doesn't turn off as the Razr maintains a constant connection with the speaker. Wonder what this will do with the battery life?
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