I've searched and searched - but I can't find a way to edit and forward faxes on the 650.

I can send and receive faxes with eFax. I can open and review the faxes (.tiff files) with Resco or AcidImage. But I can't find a way to edit the .tiff files. Fotogather lets your edit images but doesn't let you add text and it keeps crashing my 650. The Pics&Videos app actually opens .tiff files and lets you add text and 'write' on the images - but won't open multi-page faxes and won't zoom in enough to read/edit the files.

What I'd like to be able to is to add add text comments or sign documents that have been faxed to me - and then be able to email or fax them. I'm not looking to actually alter the file - just add text or a signature on 'top' of the image and then re-save as new image.

Anyone have any suggestions?