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    try this, i'm not pushing you to avail this headset but I tried and am using now itís really great. BTW, what smartphone or mobile phone you had?
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    I just got my Scala 500 yesterday. It is my third headset (1. Jabra250, 2. Plantronics 3500).

    Jabra was slow to respond, had signal strength and sound quality issues.
    (I lost it and had to get another. OOOPS!)

    The Plantronics was uncomfortable, had signal strenght issues and suffered from wind noise. (Sounded windy even in the car with the A/C on.)

    Scala 500 seems to solve all these problems for me. I also know another person who has one and they have no problems. For the price I think it's the best bet and the many positive reviews make it a proven solution vs. the new Treo headset.

    The Treo headset:

    1. Being endorsed/branded by palm isn't a positive. (Look at the 250)
    2. The impressive feature list is not an idication of how well those features work.
    3. Palm is not in the headset business. They are likely to rebrand a headset based on proffit vs. quality. (Their record supports this.)


    I am now using a HBH-300. The Scala only works well when VERY close to the phone. When the phone is hung on the dash it works fine but I was unable to use the headset without static when the phone was clipped to my hip. The HBH-300 has better sound quality and much greater range.
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