I am trying to run Sprint BC to push my Lotus Notes email to my Treo 650, but my IT department is of no help. I cannot get the desktop software to connect to Lotus Notes. I work from behind a firewall and donít know where to find the information I need to fill in during the initial setup. Our IT department cannot help as we have a deal with some other phone. Where do I get the proxy server address, domain name, user name and password and my domino password. There are user IDs and passwords that I have to log onto my computer, but I cant seem to find the right combination to get BC to connect. I am running Windows 2000 and Lotus Notes 6.0.3 I have been trying for days! PLEASE HELP! Oh and on a side note I have been searching this forum for the answer, but couldnít find it. I apologize if I am posting a question thatís already been answered.