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    Got a Cingular 650 three days ago. Been seeing a lot of posts regarding firmware(?), up to rev 1.23. Checked Palm for updates, and they seem to be behind my unit. I see the following under Phone Info:

    FW = 01.05
    SW = Treo650-1.04 CNG

    Are there updates I need? If so, where to get?

    Thanks for the help.

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    You have the latest offically released version. The 1.23 firmware that many of us are using, is a leaked beta of an update for the Unlocked GSM 650 that is supposed to be released tomorrow. When it's released, you'll find it on PalmOne's downloads page. The beta is able to be installed on Cinguler-branded 650's; no guarantees that the official release will too, though it's likely that versions for both the Cingular and Unlocked versions will be released simultaneously.
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