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    I notice that if I select to 'open' a TODO item from 2Day, it goes to the DateBk5 list, with the item highlighted, then I have to select that item again in DateBk5 to edit it.

    Does anyone know if there is a way to 'open' the TODO item from 2Day and go directly to the DateBk5 edit screen?
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    use the custom add-ins from datebk5. the dbtodo is the one you want then follow the instructs to set a custom view for it that has todo's.
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    How do you integrate 2Day and Datebk5?

    The dbToDo approach requires you (or 2Day) to launch the dbToDo application (that then opens a saved view in Datebk5).

    How do you make 2Day run the dbToDo application?

    Any other tps n tricks for someone who has 2Day and Datebk5?
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