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    Are the 110v chargers for the Treo 650 and the Treo headset interchangeable? Or do they both have different amperages and/or voltages, which then means you cannot use the PalmOne bluetooth Treo Headset charger to charge the Treo 650 and visa-versa...?
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    anyone know the answer to this question to help out???
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    Yes, the Treo charger will charge the headset and the headset charger will charge the Treo. I purchased the headset from the Palm store in Atlanta and the headset came with a "universal" charger with clip on plugs for different countrys and voltages. By-the-way, the headset is awsome! It blows away my Moto headset.

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    This is the main reason I have got myselves a Treo Bluetooth Headset. It can "share" chargers also in my car (cigarette adapter)

    If anyone want's to buy a SE HBH-65 I have one for sale
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