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    Just got my 650 yesterday (my first smartphone!) & am "playing" with it and a Motorola HS820 headset today. I can't tell you all how surprised I am that a 2" device can pick up a persons voice so easily...

    Anyway, they're both charged up and paired. I used the headset on several calls and all went well, but later when I made a call without wanting to use headset, the call ended up there even without pressing the transfer button on the headset.

    So... should I assume once I use the headset then all subsequent calls are "transfered" to the headset unless it's off or out of range, or is there something I don't understand? I've read the Motorola "manual" once again and there's no answer there for me.

    Like I said, this is my first Smartphone as well as my first experince with a bluetooth device, so I've got a lot of catching up. My last Palm device was the IIIc, which was several years ago


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    I quit using my 820 becuase it made me transfer to it with calls I placed.
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    I have a sprint treo 650 and the HS820. Before the 1.08 patch my calls would transfer to the headset automatically if the headset had been activated. However, the behavior was not consistent. After the patch, I have to initiate the transfer manually by holding the headset button until I hear a beep. I prefer the automatic transfer, but at least now the behavior is consistent.

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