I just moved to Outlook & Exchange from Eudora. Tried to hotsync to outlook. It worked yesterday to a default profile I had as my profile in outlook.

However I could not receive any email on outlook from Exchange. I found out that I had to change my profile in outlook to receive emails. Since doing that I am not able to sync my Treo 650 to outlook. I get the following error. No idea what to do.

Any help will be appreciated....

HotSync operation started for xxxx on 05/03/05 13:42:05

OK Quick Install
OK VersaMail
Outlook Notes
This handheld is associated with a different Outlook profile. To synchronize with that profile, close Outlook and synchronize again. To use this device with the current Outlook profile, open the HotSync custom dialog and change the conduit settings to use this Outlook profile. See the Outlook conduit help for details.