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    I am thinking about buying one of these cases and wanted to get the opinion of anyone who has used one or both of them. They look about the same but the PRPRPR $one$ $covers$ $the$ $screen$ $and$ $does$ $not$ $have$ $a$ $flapm$ $on$ $top$ $to$ $secure$ $the$ $Treo$. $I$ $like$ $the$ $Bellagio$ $but$ $not$ $too$ $thrilled$ $about$ $the$ $IR$ $port$ $being$ $covered$. $Any$ $comments$ $on$ $these$ $cases$ $would$ $be$ $greatly$ $appreciated$.
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    I am considering the Syndey Harbour case (A230) and the Ballagio (A151) myself, needing the minimalist form-factor yet full access to all the buttons and keys. I like the Sydney's recessed screen protecting plastic, yet read the review and wondered if a bit of hot ait (via blow dryer) could help thin out the plastic and help the fit in the corners of the screen?

    Like you, txschaters, I would be more interested in the Pacific Rim (A227) if the plastic screen protector was recessed or if I could be guaranteed that the screen could retain its full touchscreen usability through that plastic. Another option would be to cut it out and use an aftermarket screen protector. I just want to know how sturdy that beltclip is for all of them, and how sturdy that plastic for the Sydney Harbour case is. Anyone?
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    Well, the Bellagio case is out. Just found out that it doesnt have a ratcheting design. That and the fact that the IR port is blocked by that unsightly strap of leather. The Pacific Rim is looking more attractive, if I can find out if the belt clip is free swiveling like the Bellagio or ratchets like the Sydney (preferred).
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    I hate the free swivel. So does the Pacific Rim have a ratchet or free swivel clip? The Sydney case review was pretty bad so I do not think I am considering that one.
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    Yes, the Sydney Harbour has a ratcheting clip. I like the minimalist design of the Sydney Harbour and its ratcheting clip. If the plastic is sturdy enough, I might get the Sydney. But if Pacific Rim's case has a ratcheting clip, I will put my order in before the end of the week! But I was checking Pacific Rim's website and my detective work couldn't confirm a ratcheting clip.
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