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    Have been playing with QuickNews as a mobile RSS reader and typically like. But many "RSS feeds" are really just links to an internet site {what part of "really simple syndication" don't these people get} clicking on the link launches Blazer (nice feature, I guess), but is there any easy way to return back to the same spot in QuickNews? Thanks for the help, Kevin.
    Using my Pre to help run:

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    This is not Quick News' fault - some rss feeds are just headlines and you have to use blazer to read the whole story (most New York times feeds) and some feeds are full articles (engadget, buzzmachine) and show up fine in Quick News.

    I have not found a way to return to the same spot in QN when leaving blazer.
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    Butler's switch mode works great for that.
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    Switch5. It's free. Note however that it shows up in preferences and not as an idividual program.

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