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    I just bought my Treo 600 from somebody and realized after the fact (!!) that there is a very small high-pitched noise coming from the speaker above the screen when you power on the unit. It doesn't matter if you make a call. I had this with a previous PDA, but checked somebody's Treo 650 and it doesn't happen with his.

    Has anybody heard of this?
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    is it a barely audible high pitched whine?

    It's most likely caused by the backlight power source not being properly shielded. See if turning off the backlight makes a difference. If so, I would imagine it can be cleared up like the buzzing sound that people experience, just find the offending source of interference and wrap a piece of tin foil around it to shield it

    I bought one of those fancy Sony remote controls with the touch-sensitive LCD panel and the backlight on it sounds like someone is blowing a dog whistle. It's so annoying that I stopped using it all together.

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