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    Where can I purchase small portable stereo speakers so I can play music through the Treo for a small crowd to listen to?

    I went to Radio Shack and they had some cool portable folding stereo speakers, but the jack was too large to fit into the Treo's headphone socket.

    The Radio Shack guy also said that an adapter would not work either.

    I don't believe anything Radio Shack reps tell me, only the folks on TreoCentral!

    Thanks, Casey.
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    I use the headphone adapter with my Treo 650 and can use any speakers that any other personal music player can use.
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    Hi Bill,

    Yeah, I noticed that adapter on TreoCentral, and was wondering about it. I'm glad you're confirming that this will work. I'll order the adapter right away. In the meantime, I think I'll go back to Radio Shack to get those speakers...only cost $10 for the smaller model. Thanks a lot! -Casey.
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    Actually RadioShack sells a similar adapter for $3.99. I've tested it and it works fine.

    As far as the speakers, I tried Creative Labs TravelSound and Sony SRS-T77. Sony sounded much better with chrisper highs and less distortion. Both speakers are powered by batteries or an AC adapter.
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    I bought Sonic Impact NXT flat panel portable speakers at Target for like $20. Each speaker is a flat panel about the size of a CD jewel case, and there is a separate amp/volume control. The speakers snap together for storage, and it comes with a drawstring bag to carry it all in. The sound is actually pretty good for the price. Once you get you adapter, you should check them out.
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    Although Ghetto I sometimes just like to use the speakerphone that comes with the Treo 650. Although Tinny it's nice to listen to when working out.
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    Thanks folks for recommending various external speakers. I'm assuming that these various speakers mentioned here all require an adapter to fit into the Treo. None of these speakers have the correct smaller size for the Treo...correct? Thanks, Casey.
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    Yes, all speakers that I know of use standard headphone jack, not the Treo one.
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    be careful with the radio shack adapter - while inexpensive, sometimes cheap is not the way to go - since it is straight and not L shaped like the treo adapter, it is easier to bend, which can damage the very sensitive external speaker port on the treo 650, see related threads
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    I recommend the JBL OnTour, you can get it for $70 at Costco. It's compact, efficient, sounds great, and looks great.
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    Well I've just bought an adapter plus the TravelSound notebook 500 for my Treo 600 , and using with pocket Tune, and not working.
    Any idea ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pokada
    I recommend the JBL OnTour, you can get it for $70 at Costco. It's compact, efficient, sounds great, and looks great.
    I just bought this one. As far as I am concerned you can't beat small JBL speakers. I will give a review once I get it.
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    I've read glowing reviews of the JBL On Tour speakers from different sources on the internet. Seems like something worth trying out.

    Yes, I finally got the adapter from TreoCentral for $5.95. Works great!! Now my Treo 650 can operate from any external speakers as others have mentioned. By the way, a Radio Shack rep told me that their own brand of adapter has a problem and will not work correctly with the Treo because of a bad fit. Therefore, make sure you get the adapter only from TreoCentral.

    For now, out of convenience, I'm using 2 different external speakers I bought for cheap at Radio Shack. These 2 models don't have any brand names other than Radio Shack. One model is a bit larger, offers volume control and power on/off switch, and takes 3 AA batteries, and folds compactly into a clam shape design. This model is slightly too large to fit into a jacket pocket, but is still smaller than many other external speakers because of its folding clam shape design. Radio Shack also offers a similar model, except much smaller, roughly 1/2 the size of the larger one. The smaller model is extremely simple in design, and does NOT offer any battery source whatsoever, and has NO switches whatsoever (eg: no volume, on/off, etc). This smaller model is almost identical in size dimension of my Treo 650 in both width and length. The thickness of the smaller model speaker is approx 1/3 thicker than the Treo 650, but is still pretty pocketable inside a jacket pocket. The smaller model is on sale at my local radio shack for less than $10...actually it was only about $6.99 on clearance sale. The larger size is $19.99. Buy the way, I also noticed my local CompUSA store carries the same larger size Radio Shack speaker I previously mentioned, except without the Radio Shack name.

    Anyway, I'm getting pretty good sound quality from these 2 Radio Shack external speakers, in conjunction with the adapter from TreoCentral. I'm sure the other speakers mentioned here by other posters can whip the pance off the Radio Shack brand, but it's probably hard to beat the very small size of the Radio Shack brand which is an important consideration for me.

    I'm hoping to find a local store that carries the JBL speaker you guys mentioned, as I'm now curiously to check out the quality.

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