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  1. #21 friends are poor, nor do they understand why i have this puppy...NOBODY LOVES ME!!
  2. #22 unlocked GSM, two Cingular. Two people on Sprint got me to get mine.

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    I've actually inpired more blackberry sales with my 650. Eek! Most are thrilled by the concept of a smartphone, but the need to interface to a company's BES (quickly becoming, if not already, a standard add to Exchange) - and most important - the manufacturing quality of the Bb is noticably superior. Plus, Bb's bluetooth has a MUCH greater range than Treo. And, contrary to an earlier post, you can do 3270, telnet and even FTP on a Bb.

    I'm a SPCS customer so I'm stuck waiting for the 7250 to be released. But thanks to my company's stance on BES, I'll have one soon. I've enjoyed the Treo, but I don't think it's long for my world.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JackNaylorPE
    Just getting 7 gets you a $200 gift certifcate. All you guys who don't want their gift certificates can send me the names of the people you referred and I will take PalmOne's money. Sure you don't wanna go back and read the link in Message 11 ??????
    i did that and palm emailed saying they want a photocopy of every single person's box and esn number and cd case... there is no way i could get that from everyone so had to forgo the palm pays back program...
    Treo 800w 8/08
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    previously: Treo 700wx 12/06, Sprint 6700 3/06; Treo 650 11/04; Treo 600 1/04 (gone); Samsung i500 (gone); Hitachi G1000 11/03 (gone); Nokia 7110 5/00(best phone ever)
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    1 friend and I would have to assume a few visitors to TreoBits.
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    Friends and clients, eleven and counting!
    Palm III -> Palm V -> Blue Palm Vx w/Omnisky -> Treo 270 -> Treo 600 -> Treo 650 -> Treo 680
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    Two 600's, Seven 650's, and one more waiting for the VZW 650 later this month.
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    5 600s, 10 650s...
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    I was converted by two friends of mine who had them -- and I just converted one friend of mine with another on the fence.
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    Two people for me. My wife and one of our friends.
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    Quote Originally Posted by letsgoflyers81
    Two people for me. My wife and one of our friends.
    Heh, two of our friends, but it wasn't so much you as it was me and harassing them to come to the roadshow.
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    I put off posting in this thread until I could go back into my sales files and do some digging. Had a chance to do that, so here goes.
    246 Treo 90's
    119 Treo 300's
    23 Treo 600's (Company made a bonehead move not to carry the SprintPCS 600)
    31 Treo 650's and counting.
    I'd be responsible for a lot more 650's if I actually stocked them, but I have to special order them and often the warehouse is out.
    Oh, and quite a few Samsung I300's waaaay back in the day!
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    Coworkers: 15 Treo 600's and 70 Treo 650's at the moment, but I am expecting more soon.

    Here's a picture of 40 of them charging at once. I wish I could have gotten a picture of all 70 at once but I ran out of space and outlets...
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    Four so far and will have fifth once Verizon starts selling it.

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