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    I upgraded to the 1.23 beta for the GSM Treo firmware, but honestly didnt really have an issue with the old firmware. The only time it crashed was when two programs didnt behave together (snapper and versamail).

    The only real improvement I noticed with 1.23 is the available space. I installed a couple of more games.

    If you installed the new firmware, does it make you feel better about your Treo?
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    Feel better? A little, I guess. I wasn't experiencing stability problems, nor was I running short on memory, but I do like the fact that the audio levels are now usable, plus being able to access DUN and detailed call logs without needing hacks or overlays. I plan on dabbling with custom ROMs once the official version appears.
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    Massively better. My Treo used to crash twice a day and it was driving me nuts. Not one single crash since upgrading to 1.21 firmware. I still don't understand how they released this thing with such a P.O.S. firmware release. The memory boost is very nice as well. I'd say I am about 95% satisfied with my Treo now, vs. maybe 65% satisfied before.
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    What has really made me feel better is Shadowmite and his ROM #5. I have used this as a a basis of my custom ROM. Thanks to Shadowmite, I have more free RAM and a leaner, more stable system with a fully customized ROM.
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    I was bragging how my phone has not reset for almost a month. For some reason my phone reset its self about 5 times in a 10 minute period last night. ##377# said it was an error while running the phone application....

    All in all though, my phone has been so much more stable since the update. Plus my bluetooth rocks now, dunno what they did, but it improved it quite a bit.
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    i bought my 650 first week of release in november...everyone i talked to hated it cause i had a choppy clippy BAD voice...i had to get a second sprint line, second phone, for talking--The firmware fixed ALL OF THAT, my treo became perfect instantly

    i never had any reset issues before or after (and i load it with all sorts of 3rd party junk)

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    agreed. very m00t! more space, no woes.
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    Mine rarely crashed anyway... but NO, it did absolutely nothing for me.
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    More stability and somewhat better sound.

    The treo 650 is almost there as a finished product so it has to be time for the Treo 700 consumer beta test to start soon
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    Hi, I am new, sorry for my ignorance, but where do you find the firmware?. I have Treo 650 Unlocked. Thanks.
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    i am happier...the sound volume "seems" to be has crashed less often also since i put the 1.23 fw to try the custom roms.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tazzo
    What has really made me feel better is Shadowmite and his ROM #5. I have used this as a a basis of my custom ROM. Thanks to Shadowmite, I have more free RAM and a leaner, more stable system with a fully customized ROM.
    We owe a debt of gratitude to shadowmite... thank you brother.
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    Using the 650 with Sprint prior to the update wasn't the end of the world, but several times I had to delete things, I couldn't load all I wanted, and Bluetooth was a nightmare. The mute trick (which shouldn't have been necessary in the first place) only worked on outgoing calls, and then it would only last ten to fifteen minutes before volume levels dropped back to unusable levels. With certain soft spoken colleagues I was forced to tell them I'd call back, hang up, then call them. It was ridiculous! Now, that isn't an issue at all. The range on my BT is lacking, but personally I believ that to be a hardware issue since I know people on this thread, and in my personal life, who haven't experienced the issue. I also believe it may be me. Even when I used the Freespeak 200 with a dongle on my 600 BT could never communicate between my hip and my ear. I have employees with V710's and LG PM 325's who say this isn't an issue for them, but when I've tested that theory (using their phones and headset on my hip and ear) I still get a few crackles, although it's not unusable like my Treo. Hopefully the next model, or one sometime in the not too distant future, will come out with Cobalt, and therefore use BT 1.2. I'm anxious to see what difference, if any, that makes for me.
    But to answer your question? Yes, definitely happier.
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