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    sorry for being a bit of a spaz but I can't find a way to copy certain messages from Outlook 2003 to my 650 (either Versamail or Snapper). I have the box checked saying sync inbox items with palm but it never happens. Am I doing something wrong? All i want is to make sure i have some (or all) emails from my PC on my 650 so I can reply to them on the road.
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    Awww come on guys - one of you geniuses must know how to do this... Please?
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    Well...give us a little more detail...what kind of email account are you trying to do this with? Because if it's with a hotmail/msn account for example, it won't transfer over. It has to be an account that is directly configured to the default reason why it wouldn't work then.
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    using a POP3 account that connects directly with my outlook inbox.
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    Hi jimmy. I got my treo 650 a few days ago. Everything is great but when I hotsync I realised that my emails in outlook (2003) are not coming into the versamail app. I was surrpised since I could do so when I was using my Tungsten T3 and Versamail. I contacted Palmone and was told that this version of Versamail DOES NOT support syncing with downloaded Outlook emails. It will only work as such with Exchange mail. Like you, I wanted my emails in there so that I can refer to them on the go. The only alternative is Inbox to Go... hope this helps.
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    Thanks dude. How irritating!
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    I don't sync, but keep up by: having an additional POP3 to which my 'real' email forwards a copy. I get them all, delete most, but occassionally respond. By having "reply" set with the regular email address the recipient sees my regular address, not the foney one. Then (a tip from another user) I have mail set to always send a BCC to my regular account, and have an Outlook rule there to always put mail from me into Sent.
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    Outlook is the client, so make sure that you leave copies of your emails on your ISP's email server for a couple of days when outlook retrieves emails via POP. You can do this through a setting in outlook. This will give versamail to retrieve the same emails that were retrieved by outlook.

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