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    I signed up for what I thought was an unlimited data plan on Cingular and now being billed for 5mb/.04 overs.
    In late Jan-early Feb there was discussion of the unlimited plans, does anyone have an internal code for Cingular I can use to dispute this?
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    I've heard about people having this problem. You should be ablet to call them and have them put you on the correct 24.99 dollar plan. I tried to get mine put on the 19.99 unlimited plan as I signed up for my contract at that time, but due to not getting my phone for a month and several ordering problems with P1,(probably not their fault as I was going from a local cingular carrier to the national cingular carrier and keeping my number) I wasnt able to get them to use the 19.99 unlimited plan. The guy I spoke to said it wasnt even a option to select it on his screen.
    I figured I would juat avoid the hassle and have them put me on the 24.99 plan. So far it's been fine. When I check my data useage online it looks like I have 5Gb worth of data. MOre than enough for me per month.
    So I'd jsut call them and tell them that you were supposed to be on the unlimited plan and to take off the charge.

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