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    I've got a cassette adaptor for my car and listen to pTunes--works great. I've also got VoiceDial installed and have had a problem of VoiceDial randomly starting up while listening. I haven't been able to identify the condition in which it does this. With the cassette adaptor plugged into the headphone jack, Voicedial will not accept voice prompts through the external microphone, so it's not anything external. I wonder if somehow the audio from pTunes via the cassette adaptor is triggering it? I think I've only noticed this after SPCS ROM 1.08. The music continues to play, but it becomes muted (and the balance may even go to one side) it is annoying. Any others with this experience? Any help?
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    This is a guess, but are you using one of those RadioShack adapters for the headphone jack? Meaning you plug the cassette adapter into a RadioShack adapter and then into the Treo. I bought one and it is very loose and somehow triggers my voicedialing all the time. In fact I don't get stereo sound on it eitiher, somehow it's triggering the microphone command.

    So which headphone jack adapter are you using? I have problems like you described with the RadioShack adapter but not with the one on TreoCentral...
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    I had the same problem with my Treo when I plugged in the Palm headphone adapter and tried to play some tunes. I called the VoiceDial people and was told it was a Palm issue, but if you trash the voicedial 68k file on the Treo you won't have this issue. You will however lose the ability to use the wired headset and voicedial together. If you just use the software with the built-in mic you will be fine. Hope this helps!! -- Kurt
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    I use the Seidio 2-in-1 adapter with the cassette adapter and it solved the problem of VoiceDial constantly "Say a Command". It also allows me to have handsfree in my truck using the mic built into the Seidio and the speakers in the stereo. I got lucky and had the 2-1 from the T600 I had before the T650.

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