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    Quote Originally Posted by Ettore
    Documents to go 8.001 has the application manager embedded.
    Cool, just tried the built-in application manager in DTG8 and jumped from 4.4 to 9.7 free RAM!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tem
    Ya but the built in manager dosent have the advanced options or the uninstall option
    I believe you have to download the file from DataViz to get the full program, but if the embedded program does what you want -- no need to . . . . .

    (See posts 87 & 88)

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Does anyone have an issue with slower syncs when moving DTG 8 to SD? Or sync freezing period?

    I tried to move DTG with the tool and when I attempted to sync it froze on the DTG sync.

    I removed DTG completely and reinstalled with the same result synce froze. After removing once again and not installing, sync works fine.

    Any suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ljj8503
    yeah the main app remains in memory but all the associated files move to the card/palm/launcher directory. you can't "see" them on the card because the main program remains in ram,so your icon should be wherever it was before the migration of the other files.

    I like when I search and find my answer....................O Thanks Perry, you have done well son..............
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    I just got around to using this tool last week. Works great! Freed up over 4MB of ram. I did have a minor issue with an error message, but finally got past that after doing a re-install. I'm using DTG Ver 7.002 (829).

    By the way, does anyone know if it's worth upgrading to version 7.006 ?? What does this minor revision do that's worthwhile?

    Lastly... Perry, you da man!!
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    Thanks Casey -- I'm just trying to spread the joy I found when I stumbled across it. 4mb is almost 20% of the Treo's usable memory. That is a big hit for those that are memory starved on this unit. Can't wait for 52mb usable on the 700P.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    well time to bump this back to the top again ...

    thanks for the find Perry ... i had used this tool a while ago but had forgotten about it ....

    BTW , can anyone advise me .... after using the tool all the main DTG apps seemed to transfer over to the card OK .... but when i check my RAM files i still find that aside from the transfer tool (DataVizTech: 27k) i still have the following items listed ...

    DataVizTech: 27k

    DataVizTech i definately want to keep .. but can any of the others in this list be deleted or moved to the card .....

    i am presuming that because i did this on a fresh install ... and selected to option to move all the DTG stuff .. that if these have been left behind (by the tool) they therefore can't be moved to the card ... is that correct

    Also .. this may be slightly off topic ... does anyone know what AmrDecLib:59k and package installer: 104k are or do ... are they part of DTG and/or can they be deleted without any problems ...

    it's very late here ... i'm starting to ramble ... must be way past bed time

    thanks again for a timely reminder Perry.... well done

    regards all
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    Hi Aussietanker!

    DataVizTech: 27k

    I would leave them. They also show in my listing of files. Probably the residual that needs to be left in internal memory to make the swapping back-n-forth from internal memory to the SD card work. Not sure about the other ones.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    The Documents, DSLib, and DXTGAttachmentsPlus normally exist in ram (and can't run from the sd card). The Documents app simply lists the files DTG knows about (whether in ram or on the sd). I would guess DSLib and DXTGAttachmentsPlus are involved with launching the appropriate DTG app (e.g. WordToGo, SheetToGo) and/or running them as an email attachment (DXTGAttachmentsPlus).

    Don't remember what AmrDecLib is but believe Package Installer is the Palm over-the-air download installer. I'm pretty sure it can be deleted but I haven't tried deleting it.
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    thanks perry.

    I read your posts last year about this tool, but didn't use dtg then.

    I started using it about a month ago, somebody bumped your post, and the rest is history!!

    thanks again!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry Holden
    What version of Docs to Go are you using? This tool only works with DTG 7.006 or higher. If this is okay, follow the link in the first post of this thread to make sure you have the latest version of the tool. . . . . If that is okay, and you still experience the crashes with Word docs, I would contact DTG support. I have never experienced this issue.

    Cheers, Perry.
    What if I have DTG 7.005, what are my options? I wanna post a "from X megs to X megs!", too!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ike301
    What if I have DTG 7.005, what are my options? I wanna post a "from X megs to X megs!", too!
    umm...upgrade its free
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    Quote Originally Posted by sxtg
    umm...upgrade its free
    ah, didnt know that. actually have never used dtg at all. not even once.
    Sprint Treo 755p (ex-650) user and loving it.
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    Thanks, I did not know that!
    1.6 -> 5.4M!
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    9.2 to 13
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    Glad to be of service MossMan!
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    3.8M to 6.5M !! Awesome!
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