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    Okay new Verizon 650 users -- any Docs to Go users out there?

    If so, go to the top of this post(Post #1). I hope it helps.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry Holden
    P.P.S I NOTED IN A DIFFERENT THREAD THAT A PERSON SUGGESTED RUNNING THIS TOOL EVERY ONCE IN AWHILE -- AND YOU WOULD FREE UP SOME MEMORY AGAIN. I found this to be true. I can only think that Docs to Go leaves some residual program info or data files in regular memory after use -- and running this tool again -- puts that residual back to the SD card. Amount saved depends -- but I have "saved" up to 500kb with this procedure. I guess it depends on how much you have used Docs to Go since your last running of the tool.

    Cheers, pp.
    I think DTG leaves the application in the main memory if you switch out of viewing/editing a document prematurely by using the Application key.

    The correct way is to quit back to the main DTG page and them quit. That cleans up after DTG.
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    So your hitting the "move applications to card" option again at a later time and it frees up more memory?

    Has anyone asked dataviz why this is?
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    aprasad was right, I opened a document then exited the document by using the palm home key. I then viewed the internal memory and it was down by 1 meg. I went back to documents to go and of course the document is still open because I didnt close it properly. I then close the document by using the door icon in the lower left corner of the documents to go screen and viewed the internal memory again. The memory was up by 1 meg, back to normal.

    EDIT: For clarity
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    James, You are so thorough!

    Again -- Verizon 650 new users to Docs to Go -- see post #1.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    thanks for the info but many already knew about it since it has been discussed in length in previous threads. It is ageneral software topic since an applisaction that moves docs to go back and forth has nothing to do with 650 hardware.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I had never heard of this application before and I just went from 2,1M in free memory to 6,3!!!

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    The good stuff does get buried and forgotten.

    Heres the tool just to make it easier for anyone.
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    Hey, we are almost to 1,000 views on this thread!! That's about 120 today alone since we "unearthed" it again. I wonder how many "Marianne's" (Post #26), were in that 120?!?

    (4mb of extra memory to even just one member of TreoNation was worth the effort.)

    Cheers, Perry.
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    very helpful! Thanks!
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    Time to recycle this.
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    Thanks, Perry, hadn't seen it previously. Very useful.
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    Yep, it works! Extra 2 Meg free - went from 4.2 to 6.4 :-)

    Thanks guys!
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    We should probably make this a sticky note. Glad you found it!!

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Fantastic!!!! Moved from 11.3 MB free to 14.0 MB free. I'll take that!! Now I can increase my Blazer cache size again!

    Gads, I love the Treo 650.

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    Wow! Eureeka, it works. Went from 1.7 mb to 6.2 mb free! Yippee!
    -- Josh
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    Bump for anyone who hasn't done it yet. Tell all your friends!...

    Thanks, it freed up some memory that's in short supply.
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    Another satisfied customer Thanks to Perry for keeping the good stuff from getting buried.
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    Very nice! I just saved around 2.5 megs.
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    Would it be better to use this tool, or just use Zlauncher to move to SD card? Thanks
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    If you use Zlauncher to move documents to go to the card it will become unstable and cause resets because there are to many files. Sometimes Zlauncher will give you a pop up and tell you that, sometimes it will just cause resets, other times it will work but not for long.

    The dataviz tool does not move all the files to the card because documents to go will not completely run from the card. Sometimes messing with documents to go without using the dataviz tool will cause unstability that is hard to shake even with uninstall and reinstalls, hard resets blah blah blah.
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