So I just picked up my Treo 650 and have migrated over from my Treo 600.
Loaded all the new software (which is great!) get all my data from my 600 on to my 650, of course a few applications were crashing it, so I deleted them.

Finally get it up and running and what happens, when I try and make a phone call or get a phone call the mic doesn't work!

I go into Rogers last night they tell me they just learned of this very issue today, and it's because when I did the first sync I selected my current profile rather than create a new one. They go on to tell me that I have to create a new profile, and that will solve the problem.

I have no clue as to why the profile selection would cause my mic not to work, seems bizzare to me and I haven't seen anything on here about anyone else having this issue. So before I go and try this so called genius solution given to me by the Rogers folks, has anyone else run into a similar issue?