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    I have my IMAP Chatter set to wake at 7:30a.m. Sometimes I will do a QSync at 7:00 am (etc.) if I am up and want to check mail.

    My problem seems to be that at 7:30am, however, Chatter does not come out of sleep mode until I do another QSync. Then it stays awake as set up.
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    I have had this problem to that after the scheduled time to go online ,i have to enter chatter for the mailbox to go online.. has been this way for ver 10 betas & current b2 for me.. I thought it was just becuse I don't have chatter auto connect. As far as getting up early & wanting to have a sleeping mailbox go online...i have also in a thread on chatter asked for a fix for this.. what good is a "all online" or "go online" option" that can't work for a sleeping mailbox? I really want to bring a sleeping mailbox online! I strongly believe this should be a given feature! please help Marc!!

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