I kept resetting a reset on the backupbuddyvfs (the one included with PC version and backupbuddyvfs professional) when it got the the VoiceDial.prc. A message would appear before the reset. It appeared to be a memory full message, with a prompt to continue (yes or no); however, it would reset before an answer could be given. A restart of backup after the reset would result in a repeat of the above.

Once I read the readme file, about the power users, I looked and saw that the memory level was 3.43. I delete the TV Browser file because it was fairly large and could be easily obtained. This took the memory to 4.69. The backup completed at this point. I added the file back and reran the backup app and it did successfully again; so I assume it just checks to see if the files exist first. I deleted the backup files and retried it. It crashed.

I deleted the same file again and tried it again; crash. I moved TCPMP to the card and deleted the failed backup and tried again with 5.71M free. It crash near the end, but completed on the 2nd run (without deleting the files first). I copied both the TV Browser Data file and TCPMP back to the handheld and ran the backup again. It completed successfully. I confirmed that both files were in the Backup directory on the card.

So a workaround appears to be (1) moved the largest file to card (2) run backupbuddyvfs (3) copy moved files from card to handheld (4) run backupbuddyvfs again.