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    Someone asked me this, "I notice in these pics that you have more icons in your command bar. How can I add some to mine?"

    For those who don't know, the command Bar is restored with apps like FieldPlus and Butler...

    Most of those icons are shown based on the fact that I was in the launcher app. The Yellow DA is DA Launcher v5 - found at:

    There are tons of DAs. The only one I use is Call Lookup DA

    Another app I use is CutPaste5

    It will add extra copy and paste icons in the command bar to allow you to copy more than once. An example of how I use CutPaste5

    Sometimes the Palm will lose the registration codes from within the apps. I have to go to CryptInfo to see what the codes are. I have open CryptInfo, copy the registration code and then open the app and paste it in the field. With CutPaste5, I can find two registration codes in CryptInfo and store them on two clipboards and then paste from the first clipboard in the 1st app and then from the 2nd clipboard in the second app.

    I use Switch5, CutPaste5, DA Launcher (Call Lookup DA)

    Answering this question prompted me to ask, “What’s in your command bar?”
    Let’s share.
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    I like CoLauncher:

    I set my "message" hardware button as my activator button for CoLauncher, and then have an application assigned to each keyboard letter. Thus, to open, say, Snappermail, I press "message" then "s". To open iSilo, I press "message" then "i". To open BackupMan, I press "message" then "b". You get the idea.

    Thus, I have an app assigned to nearly every letter on the keyboard of my 650. I can open any app I want with two keypresses. There is no navigation with the Dpad required. CoLauncher is incredibly stable - never a reset. It takes a little time to get familiar with how to set up the options available, but once you get it, it is the simplest utility that provides the greatest efficiency I've seen. I highly recommend it.
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    In addition to DA Launcher, I use Clip PRO and SnapCalc5 via the command bar. SnapCalc5 is a great pop-up calculator that can also be summoned via a long button press.
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