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    Viewing Videos on Desktop -- HELP!

    Dear Treo members: I hope someone can help Since I purchased my Treo 650 on March 23, 05, I have not been able to view my videos (after synchronizing) on my desktop computer. I understand that Windows Media Player cannot read mpeg-4 files, but I also have Quick Time and Real Player; I cannot figure out how to view my videos via palm desktop software or through "start" "my documents" "my videos" "palm videos" . . . Can someone please help me. I'm enjoying my treo, but it is frustrating not to be able to view them after synchronizing (I can see my photos, however). After synchronizing, I see the video numbers, but the box is blank.

    Thank you . . .
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    Use this freeware software Media Player Classic to view this and other difficult formats or Real Player and Quicktime files.

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