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    I am trying to autosync my treo 650 at a certain time everyday. Right now, I am trying autosync by blue nomad, a simple, no frills autosync program that comes with backupbuddy. but, whenever I set it to autosync, at the time I have set it starts to sync (i.e. wakes up the treo) but the "Keyguard: press center button to unlock" message prevents it from initiating contact with the computer. Anyone have any ideas of a workaround?

    'alternatively, does anyone know of any similar "no frills" autosync programs (preferably a cheap or even free better way)?
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    I use Syncer 1.2 which is free. It also has the keguard issue but I have the keyguard off since I have my Treo in a case. You could use Profiles, which is free, to switch the keyguard off/on just before and after your backup.
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    anyone else know how to get around the keyguard problem?

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