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    I am in San francisco.
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    I believe it's only available from Palmone store now.
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    Local shops are starting to get the unlocked, unbranded GSM 650's now. I got mine two weeks ago in NYC from a small family wireless phone shop, Sunshine Wireless. They've sold probably 70 or 80 of them in less than two weeks. I'm guessing that if a little guy like Sunshine Wireless has them then CompUSA or whatever will be getting them soon if they don't already.
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    In the UK, major retailers are starting to stock it, mine is on the way today from PC World. Orange are still saying 'coming soon'. As far as the UK PalmOne store is concerned, it doesn't even exist, which is a very odd way to do things.


    Minor correction: PalmOne UK now have a splash across the top of their homepage mentioning the speed-typing world record on the Treo 650.

    That must be very confusing for a prospective purchaser, as that is the only mention of the Treo 650 on the whole site. So the speed-typing world record was carried out on a phone that doesn't exist!
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