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    I am using Sprint Biz Conn and have no problems receiving emails. The Treo syncs and downloads all new incoming messages. My problem is that when I send out messages, the email will notbe sent out. When I return to my office, I can see the email sitting in my Outlook Outbox. That email is shortly sent out. I am not sure if there is some setting that will not allow outgoing emails out.
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    Talk to Sprint. I do not use the Biz Connection (but I am a Sprint Treo 650 user), but to get my out-going POP Versa Mail accounts to send emails out from my Treo -- I had to change the "outgoing" server for my Versa Mail account to my SprintPCS email login and server, even though the incoming was from Comcast or my work e-mail server. If a Sprint store cannot walk you through the process, their telephone tech support did it for me.

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