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    I just got my Treo 650 (SprintPCS) last week and have been reading different post and reviews on the headsets that are available for the Treo 650. But some headsets have Bluetooth features that some aren't capable of; not including caller ID.

    I guess my question is what should I expect or look for in a bluetooth headset when being used on my Treo 650. Are features like the automatic handoff, last number redial, mute etc. basic features that are available from all headsets?

    I am looking into the following headsets: Scala 500, Treo Wireless Headset (Jabra BT330) and Logitech Mobile Bluetooth Freedom Headset.

    Could somebody list some of the 'basic' features that every bluetooth headset "should have" and other features that might be extra or headset specific.

    Thank you.
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    can anybody help on this?
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    Not to sound sarcastic or anything, but the basics include pairing successfully with the Treo 650. Your question is similiar to asking "what should I expect from a car?" To which one would reply "Starts, goes, and stops." The basic thing to keep in mind is that the T650 is bluetooth 1.1. While other (read: most) phones and headsets are bleutooth 1.2 with enhanced features, our T650 is fickle to say the least with certain headsets. Volume seems to be the biggest complaint, with pairing consistency a close second. Version 1.1 will not support streaming audio or voice dailing through the bt headset. But certain headsets are more compatible with our T650, like the TWH. The TWH is a model of all headset, since it can automatically route calls to the heaset, place a person on hold, has functional call waiting, and you can mute the headset. That is pretty much all you can ask for in a bt headset, minue the voice tags and streaming audio (listening to pTunes or other audio). Caller ID is functional on certain headsets, but I think its useless since it doesnt display the name, only the number.

    I hope I was helpful in the least bit! Welcome aboard!

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