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    Iíve been using McPhling to launch apps and am somewhat pleased with it, but Iím wondering if there are quicker alternatives to launching apps. With Mcphling I hold a predefined button for a second and a list of favorites and recently used apps pop up, then I tab through them to select the one I want. Itís somewhat faster than going to a launcher, but for me not a great deal faster.

    What can you recommend for launching apps quickly?

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    I like Hi-Launcher ( It's extremely customizable. I used to use McPhling when I had a Clie but I'm sold on Hi-Launcher with my Treo.
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    I like QLaunch. I may not support the 650's 5 way nav but it launches the apps. It does have a pretty screen it simply does the job. It allows you to assign mutiple apps to each button

    There other similar apps that do the same. You have to remember what apps are assigned to each button. It requires you to learn a bit more than apps with visual aid.
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