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    So, can I or can I not stream audio with RealPlayer on my 650?

    Real has been no help at all. I'm using a Mac. I can't even download the app from their site as its an .exe.

    I understand how to listen to files on my SD card using Realplayer. If I try to open a stream, and save it to the card, the player claims that its not a format that it understands. Both times I've tried they've been .rar files. What am I missing?
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    you're missing ptunes.
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    Nop. You need something like pTunes Deluxe ( to be able to play streaming music from the internet.

    P.S. Rar files are compressed files (like .zip or .sit).
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    I have not installed it on my 600 yet; but I thought I would be able to stream BBC newscasts since all of their streams are '.ram' files. Yes or no?

    Also I assume that you cannot get any stream unless you have unlimited data such as T-Mobile Internet. One cannnot stream (if possible with RealPlayer) with T-zones?
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    Thanks for the tips. Having just downloaded & installed Ptunes, I now realize the correct question should've been: Can I stream content created with RealAudio? It looks like Ptunes only handles ShoutCast streams.
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    The answer to your question is no. At least, not yet. The 650 can do it, but no one's developed any software to make it happen. Hopefully SOMEONE will one day. Streaming Video would be really nice too.
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    I asked this question yesterday and someone replied stating that real audio will have an update this month that will enable streaming. I am crossing my fingers.


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