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    For some reason I cannot send attachments with Versamail - the email sends but the attachment portion does not. I have software version "Treo650-1.03-SPCS" installed on my Treo 650 device. Is this a known problem with Versamail on my version "1.03" device? By the way, downloading (using "GET") of email messages with attachments is working fine from my Yahoo POP-3 account. For example, if I take a picture with the camera and attach it to an email message to send, all that gets sent is the email body portion of the message without the added attachment. The only way that I have been able to send an email with an attachment is to save the email (with the attachment) as a "draft" and then "forward" the draft. Any help with this problem is greatly appreciated.
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    Are you pulling the attachment from the device or the SD card? If I am not mistaken, VersaMail has to have the attachment on the card to send it, though not 100% sure.
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    I am pulling the attachment from the device and not the SD card.
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    Why not upgrade to Sprint 1.08? It has a newer version of Versamail that fixes some bugs.
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    I experienced the same thing whenever I attached a file and don't write anything in the body (or was it the subject line?). Anyway, if you didn't either, try attaching a file and writing something in the body (for instance, 'attach') and something also in the subject line just in case.
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    Thanks opacityzero. That fixed my problem.
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