PalmOne is offering the payback program and has increased the reward to $30 at the palm store or other choices. If you have recently gotten a Treo 650, or many of the other Palm T series or Zire PDA's you should go sign up, the link is PalmOne Payback

You can refer friends and co workers to this site to credit their account with the amount of points depending on the model you have purchased.

To credit points to a Friend or Co-worker you will need the Promotion ID from your cd case if you bought the TREO 650, or the Palm ID code which is on the ZIre or Tungsten PDA models, and also the UPC code, which is located on the box that your PDA or TREO came in. the UPC is the 10 digit number located under the large verticle bars of the UPC on the box. You do not need the 8 and the 4 in the corners of the UPC. For the TREO I recieved the Promotion ID, and I typed the whole thing including RPTPC at the start and then all the numbers. the characters are zeros not o's by the way

This seems like a great program and if you know other people who are going to get the TREO 650 after you show it off,then let them help you out with some points.

Hopefully I have been clear on how to sign up for the program.

If anyone wants to be my friend and credit my account, my e-mail is: adamro(at)umflint(dot)edu