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    I had no problems until 1.23 and had the slowdown twice. I went back down to 1.21 and the problem is gone.
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    I just read that the slowdown happens just once. I thought it happened twice but forgot I had hard reset after the first time to test a backup program. I'm going to try 1.23 again. I have 1.21 and 1.23 each on its own SD card and the backupman seems to be working so it only takes like 15 minutes to switch.
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    I am back at 1.15 because I thought people with 1.21 were having the slow down problem too. I gave up the memory improvement and Versamail upgrade in exchange for stability. Is 1.15 an official or Beta release? It looks like a real release vs. a test version.

    Any 1.21 users care to comment on whether they have experienced this "slowdown" problem?
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