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    I bought the PalmOne BT headset and it works pretty well. It has one annoying feature though and I can't find any settings to disable it.

    If the BT headset is on, my 650 rings and I answer it from the 650, the BT headset is the default speaker/mic. I would prefer to have the default be the 650 if I answer the call from the 650. I only want the BT headset active if I answer the call from the headset. Is there a way to configure this that I haven't found?

    The obvious answer is to turn off the BT headset but it may be buried in my laptop case and I can't get to it in time and I miss the call. This has happened several times since I got it.
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    I'm not aware of a way to ignore the headset if it's active and within range. However, the simple solution is to answer the call and immediately hit the "cancel headset" button on the screen (beside the hang-up button).
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    or just turn off blue tooth when you aren't using the headset
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    Thanks for the replies. Both options require me to physically do something extra to use the Treo/BT the way I want whereas a simple intelligent software switch would make it oh-so user friendly.

    However, looking at the other posts here, it doesn't seem that Palm really cares about the customer so I guess making it software configurable is out of the question.

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