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    We have an old pqa that worked on the PalmVII platform and we would like to have it work on the new Treo or PalmOS platform. This pqa connects to our online CRM system, with a SQL backend that runs through the application's DLL. I've found software at that will make old pqa's work on Pocket PC platform, but not on the Treo.

    We have lots of files (screen displays, etc.) that work with this pqa, so we're left with the choice of moving away from the Palm/Treo platform to the Pocket PC platform if we can't get a workaround/solution for this old pqa or able to reuse (somehow) the functionality we have. Would anyone have any software or other solutions to this predicament? If so, we're interested in talking to you as we'd like a solution sooner rather than later. Thanks!

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    i'm looking for something similar as well but haven't found anything.

    depending on what pqa options you require, you may be able to save a static version of your application as HTML on the SD card which can then be accessed through blazer with file:/// protocol. good luck!
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    This is something I've never heard of being able to do...since I'm new with the Treo, could you explain a little more about accessing the pqa thru the SD card? Thanks!
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    Even thought JuneFabrics sells that application to do web clipping on a pocketPC. I think it still uses the Palm Net services which are no longer available.
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    I don't think this is possible.

    There have been many threads talking about this
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