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    Hi all...! I'm hoping some one can help or tell me what Im doing wrong. I purchaced a copy of Versamail 2.7 and cant get it sync my Outllok 2003 email. I'm not using a POP or IMAP server. I dont care about getting emails on the go I would just like to download a copy of my inbox to my phone when I do a sync. I've gone through the basic setup and specified outlook an the settings and think I have everthing else configured correctly, but it still doesnt work. I looked in the sync logs and it says something to the effect "The settings on the phone are different from the ones on the PC use outlook conduit to configurer them." I have checked all the setting that I can find over and over, and nothing is different. Has far has using the outlook conduit I'm not sure exactly what it means. Some one please help! I would really apperciate any advice. Thanks for your time.
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    If this isnt possible please just let me know(I'm assuming it is cause its the only reason I bought versamail in the 1st place). I called Palms tech support and it was like talking to a wall.....! The girl I talked read her question and answers directly from a book. If I asked and thing other then a direct answer to her question then she got totally lost. She had no idea what I was taking about when I started reffering to exchange and outlook.....very fraustrating!!! Anyways, I could really use some help. Thanks in advance!
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    I'm also curious about this. I just want a solution that will sync my mail (outlook 2003/exchange) when I sync from the cradle. I've played with agendus mail and beyond contacts. Both will sync my inbox, but I can't file the emails after I've read them. Agendus doesn't let me file them at all. Beyond Contacts only lets me file them in one folder: the "filed" folder.

    This seems like such a basic feature. Does Versamail support it?
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