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    I searched for broken antenna, but did not get any recent updated info on the Treo 650 antennas.

    Do the demo/dummy Treo 650 have working antennas? I've seen some demo models avalable on eBay. I dropped my new Treo 650 and the antenna is gashed, but still quite secure to the body. It appears cosmetic, but I want my Treo ding free.

    Are they screw top antennas? Where is the access point to unscrew the 650's antenna?
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    Where is the access point to unscrew the 650's antenna?
    IIRC, there's a retaining screw under the smaller of the two rubber bungs on the back of the unit at the base of the antenna.
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    Yeah, good luck trying to get Palm to sell you a replacement antenna though. Is your Treo branded through either Cingular or Sprint? If so, then PalmOne won't even talk to you regarding support. They'll refer "all warranty questions" to Sprint or Cingular, and if you tell them this isn't a warranty issue, they'll just repeat the exact same phrase again. I know, I've tried. And sadly, neither Sprint or Cingular is equipped to handle Treo hardware support.

    And if your phone is unlocked, then they might talk to you. Unfortunately, I also found out that if it's an unlocked treo, they still won't sell you a replacement antenna. You have to send the whole phone in for non-warranty service. $179.00 please.
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    I got a demo model and hope the antenna is good. What Torx do I need?

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