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    I just got the treo 650 and I want to know if I can access my work email (outlook) from my treo? How do I do this?
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    Chatter ( works great with exchange if you can get your IT department to open a port. There is also tremendous detail in treo central - just search for Chatter.
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    The base application Versamail supposedly works for this but a lot of users reports problems with it.

    I have used redirectors for the most part and it works as long as you have a PC that's always on and able to connect to the internet. Examples are: VistoExpress (they have carrier branded versions now instead of the personal version), Seven Personal Edition, Aileron Mail Personal Access, Inbox to Go Wireless, I'm in Touch, Agendus Mail.

    Other applications that does not need PC redirectors are: SnapperMail and NexChange RC (I have not tried their email capable version.), T-Mobile Mailbox.

    Each one of these apps has directions on how to set up. Search on Handango or PalmGear. They have trial software available for most of these except for Seven or Visto.

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