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    I just bought Cingular Treo 650 and I want to be able to take advantage of the real player that came with it. I signed up on RealOne's Rhapsody so I can download music. I downloaded one song on my treo and got a message saying that I needed AAC upgrade. I followed the instructions in the message showing how to get it but it just download the real player by itself. Can anybody help me? I have realplayer 1.6.0 and I think the latest is something like 1.6.1 but when I tried to download it, it would not get downloaded (and the hotsync will only send it to the expansion card, not to the ROM).

    If this is a known problem and somebody is using another software please do give me suggestions.

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    I'm curious to know if you there is a solution to your problem.

    I'm using RealPlayer too. However, I'm only transferring songs from my CD collection to my Treo. I've not yet tried downloading from the internet.

    So far, downloading songs from my CD to my Treo is working out fine.
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    Hey Casey,

    I'm curious how you download songs from cd? For some reasons didn't think of it.


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