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    got a problem guys - performed a hotsync this morning, now it won't stop resetting

    i see the white palm screen, bar at the bottom, then the grey palm circle logo for a couple seconds, then it loops back to the white palm screen again...

    tried to do a warm reset ( and it doesn't work.

    when i press the reset button in back, it just goes to the white palm screen


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    solved it

    a *warm* reset did it,Kb=PalmSupportKB,ts=Palm_External2001,case=obj(887)

    i had received a msg after the hotsync that mem might be full

    checked after the warm reset - it showed 1.1M free

    moved a bunch of pics to the card - now i've got 16.3M free

    geez - i don't need that kind of excitement this early in the morning...
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    Ya, if I ever get a looping reset I do a warm reset then go in a fix the problem usually by deleting the application that crashed.

    WOW, you have 15 megs of pics?
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    (i had vids, too)

    boy was today a DAY

    stood in line at sprint for an hour before I just started to mess w/ my 650 - basically, at the point above where I thought i fixed it, i hadn't

    it would start, but the phone wouldn't connect


    looks like a trip to the sprint store

    i don't know what did it finally - sorry

    but i just started pressing different combinations of the red hangup button and the up button on the 5-way (w/o pressing the recessed reset button in back)

    something kicked it in the nuts and it came around


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