I have 2 week old Cingular 650 that I will likely keep, and need some help resolving a few things that work GREAT on my Sprint 600.

1) I had my 600 configured to pull up the "Call Log" when I hit the center button -- totally perfect. There does not seem to be an option to do this in the 650's "phone" app. How can I take the phone out of “Keyguard” and get right to the Call Log? Why is the "phone" app on the 650 so slow to respond when you call it up while the 600 responded instantly?

2) DateBk5 / sounds in general: It seems that when an alarm is playing, or I am snoozing multiple alarms in Datebk5 (latest 650 specific version), the keys are locked on the 650 until the sound finishes, while they respond immediately on the 600. This is even true on the 650 when in silent mode... Has anyone else noticed this – it makes snoozing multiple alarms a real pain…?

3) I noticed that some of the apps on the phone have gotten more annoying to work with on the 650. For example, when you enter the memo application, the 600 goes back to where you last were, while the 650 starts at the list of memo's. This is annoying since you might take a call and then want to return to your memo.

4) Another blatant example with Blazer: on the 600, it used to have the icons / buttons across the bottom of the screen – so you could easily hit the cancel or favorites icon with your finger. Now they are at the top of the phone. Who would want this? Why was this change made?

4) General Speed -- the 650 seems a lot less responsive and slower.

5) Volume -- 600 was so much louder in the earpiece -- I hope a firmware upgrade will fix this.

Overall, I like the 650 and will stick with it (despite an earlier post). Any help on the above issues would be greatly appreciated. I am not trying to be negative about the 650 – it just doesn’t “work” to me like the 600 always did.

Thanks in advance,