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    durex, i was just like you 2 years ago when i bought my treo 600... I WAS SO FU$%*#ING SHOCKED that no one and i mean NO ONE had even a half assed solution to this i quit my job, mortgaged my paid off house, bmw m3 and ford lighting show truck in order to try to solve this problem...rather then just complain about it.
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    lol... you know, I hesitated before pressing submit to my previous post... ah well- guess one flame deserves another. heh

    I guess I'm simply not familiar enough with all of the other things this can do. looking at the options on the lite version all I saw was allowing syncing of exchange stuff minus email. I knew activesync and versamail are much cheaper than this (or even free) and appeared to offer the same functionality. I didn't compare it to other products because as you'll notice in the previous posts here- no one else suggested any other products.

    I admit I didn't go through the proper 'troubleshooting' channels of figuring why it didn't work, but after seeing the price tag, knew there would be no way I could justify swinging that kind of cash for something like this.
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