Hello, I'm trying to send e-mail in VersaMail. During the process, when trying to reply to a message I sent from my dekstop to my treo, or any message what-so-ever, it connects and sends through the smtp server, but never arrives in my in-box. I'm using a different service for my incoming mailserver (spamcop.net) as my outgoing mail server (either using sbcglobal). I know all about esmtp, and belive it is working because I'm able to do this via other avenues and on the treo 600 I had.

As a workaround, I tried to use at&t wireless smtp server, pdasmtp.attwireless.net, and get an error "501 Syntax Error in orignator address".

I am able to send messages if I setup a yahoo account, but Yahoo is not where my incoming mail server is.

Your guidance would be greatly appreciated.