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    OK try this and see if it does the same thing for you. For a contact in your Treo that you know the street address for, open up "Find" and enter the first word of the street's name. For example if the address is 1234 Anywhere Place just do a find for "Anywhere" (without quotes). You should see the contact come up in the find results, but when you click on that Contact look at how the street address is highlighted! You will see 1234 Any highlighted and that full line in the contact will look something like 1234 1234 Any Place with the part I underlined being the highlighted area.

    This happens for me every time I try this with any street name I have a contact for. Kind of strange. Does it happen for you too? Is this a known issue? Or maybe I've found a bug unique to my T650?

    If I close the contact to go to the full list of contacts and click on that contact again everything is fine. It seems this does not corrupt any data, just looks messed up when you look at it as part of a find.
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    Yep, same here Darnell on my 1.04 Cingular.

    333 Something Drive, searched for "some" and I get:

    333 333 thing Drive

    I recall a search bug thread here a while back, don't recall if this is the same or not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by khaytsus
    I recall a search bug thread here a while back, don't recall if this is the same or not.
    No, there have been other threads about people having other vaious issues with the "find" feature, but I've never had any of those problems. If there was a prior thread about this particular issue with the "find" feature it must be long gone now.
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    this is definately a bug... happens with FW 1.23 also. Let's each report this to palmOne and hope the fix ends up in the next release.
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    Yep, I see the same behaviour.
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    Just tried it and I saw the same results. It's not that big a deal to me, because it doesn't change the entry or anything, it just makes it look funny for that particular query.

    Good find though Darnell.
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    I have a much worse find bug at the moment, It resets my 650 in the middle of find. Anyone else having this problem?
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    Quote Originally Posted by newtreouser
    I have a much worse find bug at the moment, It resets my 650 in the middle of find. Anyone else having this problem?
    Have you noticed in what app the search usually crashes? You could have a corrupt database (or at least a bad record) in that app - or it may be that it's an app that doesn't really need to be searched.

    I use FindHack as a replacement for the native Find function. It gives you the choice of searching the current app, the built-in apps, all apps or custom Application Sets. This last choice means that if Find crashes in an app that doesn't need to be searched, you can just exclude it from your Application Set.
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    I had an old version of Wordsmith on my Treo for a week or two that when I did a find it'd crash. It was fairly easy to spot if you watched though, as it'd show "Wordsmith" in the list them bam, reset. Removed it, no more reset.

    So do a find, then remove/update/replace whatever shows last, and see if that fixes it.
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    Same problem. No big deal but would like to wee Palm address it in the future.
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    This was posted last year in a thread on reasonable fixes for P1. It is in area of recommened reading for noobs.

    My concern is that this base sub-routine could be used in other areas and could clobber memory. Could this be a root cause for some of the crashes we see? Not sure, but P1 should fix it. Here is the previous post:

    12/20/2004, 04:29 AM

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    "Find" Functional Error
    To see this screen writing bug/error, do a "Find" for the 2nd word in a contact/address with multiple word entries. Examples:

    Find "Innis" w/ entry Mac Innis
    Find "338" w/# 800-338-1234
    Find "Paint" w/company "Faux Painters"

    Some combinations can be funny. Simple Bugs like this show a lack of product testing & can be the cause of more serious problems.
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    I have seen screen refresh artifacts while playing the Solitair game that came with the 650. Wonder if this is a related problem as the find error seems to be a screen write problem also.

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