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    to put agendus in the rom do you copy actnames.prc from a current install to sd then add it to the rom? then you don't have to install agendus, it has no other files?

    thank you
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    Quote Originally Posted by Palmer
    so... where does your wiki reside now? I found a cached version @ google but that may not be up to date.
    MTDN is restructing the Wiki' can go here for now
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    is there any way to install the Sprint ROM on a GSM TREO 650? I want to do this because Sprint is the only provider that has come up with an update to support BMW carkits. I originally had Cingular ROM but then switched to unlocked GSM but that didn't help with my carkit problem, I'm hoping by doing this it might work...
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    100th, I know you don't do requests, but are you planning on building any custom roms based on 1.28, just like you did for 1.23?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 100thMonkey
    I made a detailed Wiki entry. Feel free to add comments or your own experiences.
    When I click the WIKI link, it's a blank page.
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