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    I have been following a few GoodLink threads in this forum and has seen multiple people raise issues with it's stability on the the Treo 650.

    It wasn't clear if it was determined to be a GoodLink issue or a Treo OS issue. I was wondering if any of the GoodLink users have upgraded to the 1.23 f/w and if they have noticed any differences in the GoodLink stability.
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    I am running 1.23 with Goodlink and although it seems to be much better than running it on 1.04 there are still issues. Sometimes I see the crashes with *#377 saying it was Goodlinks fault and usually other times Phone is the culprit. So I guess you can say that it seems to be better with the newer firmware but for some reason at least on my Treo I still have on average 5 to 10 crashes a day. I get these crashes even when I only run Goodlink as the only 3rd party app on the 650. Regardless of what other people say, The Treo 650 is very much still a work in progress.
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    I have a unlocked GSM Phone - with 1.14 it crashed all the time. With 1.15 and the latest GL software I have experienced only very rare crashes. It was a HUGE improvement. Since it's working well now I plan to just wait for the official Palm update rather than applying 1.23.

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