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    We are pleased to announce the release of new version of Chitchat Lite (MSN client for Palm OS). New features include:

    1) Better background operation
    2) More options in the Action List: (email buddy, sms buddy, call buddy, ...)
    3) GUI Enhancements for Treo650

    You may get the new version from here

    Please leave any feedback here or at our forum


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    This Software Rock.

    Keep up the good work
    Build Systems, Not Products
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    Great MSN Client!

    I love the idea of connecting directly to MSN servers. No 3rd party server is involved!

    Keep up the great work!
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    There is a new release that supports vibration and sound alerts in the Background mode.
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    Hi, I posted this question over in as well: Does this product use a data connection or SMS for each message that comes/goes? The same question regarding the background mode as well. This is important since I have a limit on SMS messages. Thanks.
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    sweet app! I like this one the best. Too bad most of my friends use AIM (ugh).
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    Notice that at times, I can't type on my Treo 650. Have to close down the app and start again.
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    New version 1.5 is out. They say they've solved the background mode resetting the system. I've been in bg mode for 30 min now and no problem. Great piece of software for MSN only chat users.
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    Bishop -
    Try Toccer for AIM - it's not too shabby either!

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