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    I have no reason or source to base this question but...

    Could the reason Verison has not yet announced the T650, is perhaps they are testing an EVDO version of the 650?

    I seem to recall last month or so P1 stating at the end of a press conference that they are investing in EVDO technology.

    Also since the release of the new firmware it seems that CDMA and GSM phones are a lot more stable and the early problems seem for the most part to be corrected.

    Other carriers have already tested crippled bluetooth and disabled DUN so could the reason be they are still testing is due to a pending EVDO T650?

    Samsung i730 and HP HW 6500 phones have also been "delayed" but they are newer phones that have not been deployed by ANY carrier. The i730 is rumored to be EVDO so maybe Verison will roll out evdo and the new phones in the next month or so?
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    if I was a betting man I'd say not this time.
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    Not to be an a-- h---, but it has been announced.

    That was a month ago, and now the dates are out, May 11 for business and May 23 for retail.

    The fact the VZW 650 will not have EV-DO is old news. Since most of us live in areas that don't have EV-DO or can afford it, all we want is a good Palm OS smartphone with a great screen and bluetooth.

    You should have checked the CDMA forum, there is a lot of good info there.

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