I thought that the other thread was getting long. I have tried everything in it to get hooked up, and this is what did it for me:

Well I finally got it to work. My laptop right now is connected through the treo.
My equipment - Treo 650, Unlocked 650 64 K card, Using Cingular, hooked up through my Powerbook.
I downloaded the GSG script generator paid $15 and got it. Now the only thing is that it disconnects after a while, but that is ok. I atleast have it working.

It seems that I had to use a ISPDA connection. But no problem. On the script generator the Cingular alternate one worked.

I tried everything else on the book... But they all did not work. So I am glad to have this working now.

In fact I am on it now. The speeds arn't blazing but good enough.
44 download, 37 Upload. Not Bad.
Anyhow, thought that I would share If nothing else works get the GSG script generator, pay the $15 and long on.